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grape varieties



Black grape of Aragonese origin, constitutes the basis of Languedoc wines. Criticized because qualitatively it is not very interesting at high yield, it provides a beautiful structure and aromas of cherry and liquorice when it is mastered.



Black grape originating from the Rhone valley, used in an AOC blend or as a single grape variety in IGP OC, Syrah has taken it's place among Languedoc grape varieties. With a low yield it has a  fine and powerful tannic structure with aromas of black fruits and pepper. A fresher and more tasty wine with a scent of red fruits (raspberries) and low acidity if the yields are higher.



A grape variety for blending as it is very heady and not very tannic. It brings an aromatic palette of stone fruit essential to the development of Languedoc wines. Its tannic structure is very round.



A black grape native to Spain, then through Provence, it has adapted wonderfully in the Languedoc. At low yield it develops a very powerful tannic structure which will give the wine good aging capacity. It also brings aromas of musk and spices which are very complementary to Syrah.

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A Bordeaux grape variety suitable in our region as it gives wines a supple structure, to be drank early, it has a pleasant aromatic red fruit flavour.



A grape variety established in Languedoc for several decades, Viognier allows the production of supple white wine, not very acidic and very aromatic. It brings notes ranging from the freshness of lemongrass, almond blossom to apricot, and honey. 

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Grape variety native to western France, Sauvignon Blanc is a must in the range of our Pays d'Oc wines.

As fresh on the palate as on the nose, thanks to its good acid balance. Thanks to its delicate muscat aromas it is the basis of white Languedoc wines.

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Of Spanish origin, this variety  is a main component of Minervois wines because it is adapted to our winds and our aridity.

This variety brings floral aromas and a lot of volume to our white wines.

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White grape from the Drome, it is one of the blending grape varieties of our appellation. It is very fine on the palate , not very acidic and brings notes of dried apricots and toasted almonds.



A variety of Turkish origin, it conquered eastern Europe and adapts wonderfully to the Minervois. It offers us high quality wines, a fresh aroma of white fruit, a beautiful pale colour and a rounded, silky palate.

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The third brother of the Grenache varieties, it allows us to vinify Minervois rosé with a beautiful color. It is very silky with buttery notes and an aroma of black fruits.

Emmanuel et Léanne Puy

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