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Become a vine guardian

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We were contacted in May 2021 by our friend Wendy Gedney, owner of Vin en Vacances (wine and food tours company). Wendy had heard of the terrible frosts of April 2021 that had affected us and many other viticulteurs in our region and beyond and she, along with her colleague Kate, wanted to help out in some way. 

With this in mind they created the Guardian program, which was launched in June 2021 and we have to say, has been a fantastic success! 

Wendy's words about the guardianship program:

"We reached out to our customers offering them a chance to come to the rescue by adopting a row of vines in return for a case of wine and a deep-rooted connection to the Puy vineyard. The response was fantastic, and we now have well over a hundred Guardians. Their support has helped this small independent winemaker to overcome the damage, thrive again and continue to produce delicious Languedoc wines.

Guardians who have met Emmanuel Puy have found him to be a delightful young man who has a great passion for the land and the wine he produces in very small quantities. They have enjoyed the connection to his vineyard, and we were delighted that so many have renewed their Guardianships and continue to support him. Guardians enjoy seeing their name at the end of their row of vines, it’s like having your own little piece of a French vineyard. They also enjoy the bi-monthly newsletters that keep them up to date with news from the Puy vineyard and the Languedoc region.

We are grateful to Must & Lees and The Princess & The Bear for taking the wines to the UK and the USA so that people in those countries can become Vine Guardians and receive wines directly to their door.

Become a Guardian of a row of Languedoc vines and enjoy the wines, the connection to the land and know that you are supporting a talented wine maker. Learn more by clicking in the box where you live."

By joining the program you will become a guardian of a row of vines for a year... 

There are two levels of guardianship to choose from.

Grenache Guardianship – €60 per year

This level of guardianship will bring you:

  • 6 x bottles – Domains mixed case
    10% discount on wine purchases
    Bi-Monthly newsletters
    Annual tasting & visit to the domaine




Carignan Guardianship– €100 per year

This level of guardianship will bring you:

  • 6 x bottles of  the top red wine

  • 10% discount on wine purchases

  • Bi-monthly newsletters

  • Annual tasting & visit to the domain

  • Invitation to all complementary events

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Emmanuel et Léanne Puy

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