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meet the winemaker

Emmanuel's vines have been in his family since his grandfather. HIs grandfather came from Spain in the 1930s when he was in his 20s. 

He started with 4 hectares that he bought in our area “Les Matelles” and planted Carignan.

Emmanuel's father trained as a maths and physics teacher, after teaching for some years he returned to Roubia to take over his father's vines and these were then passed on to Emmanuel, who has acquired more vines since. We now have 20 hectares (49 acres) 


Emmanuel is born and bred into vineyard life, as he had been helping out at the vines since he was a young boy , around 9, 10 years old. Later he went to a university of wine in Cahors, he was there for 2 years and during holidays and weekends he was also training at Chateau Tourril, Roubia. Emmanuel finished with a qualification BTSA Viticulture Oenologie. He started full time working at his own vines once he'd finished his studies at age 22. Then at the age of 23 he started making his own wine, “Château Puy” wines.


 In 2011 Emmanuel took a break from making his own wine, for various reasons including family life with 2 small children! Also around this time he completed the process of converting all his vineyards to organic. 

Then in 2020 Emmanuel and I decided to get back to winemaking together as a couple and we started "Vignoble Puy". It's early days but we are very much enjoying being back in the winemaking business and look forward to the exciting times ahead creating and producing our own Minervois wine.! 

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Emmanuel et Léanne Puy

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