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our wines

All of our cuvées are organic wines produced in our cellar
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Sous la Cabane

AOP Minervois blanc, 13% vol :

Voted Coup de Coeur at Maison des Vins du Minervois

A fresh, lively and clear white wine with aromas of lemongrass and peach to serve without hesitation as an aperitif.

Its freshness will go perfectly with a seafood platter, while its complexity and volume will allow it to accompany sea bream or grilled sea bass once the aperitif time is over!

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AOP Minervois rosé, 13,5% vol :

At the end of winter, from the first rays of the sun, this rosé wine will delight your taste buds as well as your guests.

The power of its aromas of red fruits gives way to a balance between freshness and roundness on the palate. There are nutty aromas and buttery notes on the palate.

To be enjoyed as an aperitif, with cold meats, salads ... but above all with friends.

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AOP Minervois rouge, 14,5 % vol :

A traditional red wine with a clear aroma of slightly candied black fruits and prunes, the sign of a beautiful Grenache ...

Its structure is supple and its tannins are fine, which allows this wine to be tasted with grilled beef or offal, a blanquette of veal or a leg of lamb.

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le clos des matelles

AOP Minervois rouge, 14.5% vol :

Out of stock! 
Vintage 2022 will be available June 2023

This wine represents the care and attention given to the oldest vines of our vineyard. This cuvée is aged in a 1000L barrel and perfectly expresses the essence of the "Matelles". A vineyard and a wine that takes time:

Time to harvest, knowing how to wait for optimal maturity of the grapes

Time to vinify, don't skimp on the daily work in the cellar

Time for aging and the time needed for tasting and appreciation

This wine also surprises us with its complex aromas of black fruits, cherry, chocolate, leather… and a tannic structure as powerful as it is round.

To be enjoyed at the end of the day, or as an accompaniment to prime rib, duck breast, roast beef with mushrooms ...

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Emmanuel et Léanne Puy

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